EPR Platform

The EPR platform is part of the CNRS research infrastructure RENARD. This infrastructure is devoted to centralize and facilitate the accessibility of EPR to public and private sectors.

You can contact us or submit a project here.

Permanent staff:

Scientific manager: Bertrand Vileno (researcher)

Technical manager: Nolwenn Le Breton (research engineer)


  • BRUKER EMX spectrometer, X- and Q-band in continuous wave

  • BRUKER ELEXSYS spectrometer, X-band in pulse and continuous wave


  • BRUKER ESP300E spectrometer, X- band in continuous wave


  • BRUKER ECS 106 spectrometer, X-band in continuous wave



  • Variable temperature between 1.7 K and 600 K
  • X-band equipped with electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) and with Electron-electron double resonance (ELDOR)
  • Mixed gas Ar/Kr laser for in situ illumination in situ in the UV-visible domain
  • In situ electrochemistry: potentiostat and cells adapted for EPR
  • Preparation of samples under controlled atmosphere